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10 Uncommon Important Blood Work and Lab Tests

blood work inflammation Jun 28, 2018

10 Uncommon Important Blood Work and Lab Tests

"I'm heading to a physical, and I want blood work done. Dr. Livingood, give me some guidance. What should I be looking for?"

Glad you asked!

Here's a laundry list of what to look for in your blood work: 

1. A Complete Blood Panel Ok this one isn't uncommon but I wanted to be sure you don't stop here, this is the basic. 

2. Vitamin D. This is a must. High Vitamin D levels are tied to the prevention of many diseases like cancer, diabetes, parkinson's, heart disease, and more. 1

3. Fasting Insulin Levels - Going deeper than blood sugar and A1C levels will help give more understanding of insulin resistance and prevention of diabetes and heart disease. 

4. Ferritin Levels. This is a powerful stroke risk predictor as it helps to measure the "weight" of your blood and how much iron it is carrying. 2

5. Uric Acid is going to measure how your body is breaking down fructose. This is important for ...

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