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Is Your Water Alkaline or Acidic?

dehydration drinks Jul 03, 2018

Is Your Water Alkaline or Acidic?  Which is the Best and Why Should You Care?

Approximately 85% of cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment.  It can only live in an acidic environment.  Otto Warburg won a Nobel Peace Prize back in the 1920’s proving that the common denominator between all cancers is that they live in acid.1  If your body is more acidic, then you’re going to be cancer forming and immune system problem forming, as opposed to cancer-fighting and disease fighting. One way to fight is to get your body more alkaline.

One of the most important foods to pay attention to when it comes to acidity is the pH (acidity) of your water.

 I took some of your favorite water bottles and drinks and tested them, the more “orange” it gets the more acidic it is.  The more blue or purple it gets, the more alkaline it is.


  1. We started with Food Lion’s purified water (with nothing for or against Food Lion). It turned out...
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7 Sugary Drinks That Will Make You ReThink Your Drink


Do you know what the single most toxic food is? You guessed it, SUGAR! All day long, people will that tell me, “I don't eat that much sugar.”

Yes, you do! How do I know? It's in everything! 

The extra ten or twenty pounds you're carrying around isn't excess fat, it's excess sugar. One primary source of the sugar...your drinks. It's time to rethink your drink.

ReThink Your Drink

Classic Coke

Classic Coca-Cola is pure sugar going into the system. So, how many grams of sugar are in a bottle of Coke?

There are 65 grams of pure sugar bombarding your body, immediately causing inflammation.  You're also consuming the liquid that many will use to loosen rusty bolts or to clean their toilet bowls due to the phosphoric acid in it.

Alternative Option: There's no alternative for soda. If you absolutely have to have one use Zevia, this is a stevia-based soda.  


In a Starbucks store version drink, there are 46 grams of sugar in one...

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Kidney Stones


Non-invasive solutions for care and prevention.  

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One of the most common warning signs of the body having too much or too little of something.  

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How many of your health issues are being caused by this one problem?

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