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Anxiety 101 - 3 Things You Can Do To Better Handle Stress


Anxiety 101 - 3 Things You Can Do To Handle Stress

In this blog, we are tackling this big hairy ugly word, “anxiety.” I get a lot of questions from a perspective of, “What do you do when faced with anxiety in today's world?”

We all have stress and weight that we carry around. Mothers are feeling it trying to raise a family and have a career. Dad is feeling it, trying to provide, while at the same time be a good husband or be a good father.  There’s stress in getting through school, trying to get the passing grades, trying to keep up with the rest of society-- whether it's how you look, or what you're doing, or your purpose or your career.

There are so many people feeling anxiety as it fills today's world.  It's possible that I described you above or you feel like you are the only one dealing with something.  I think, in some regards, we all deal with anxiety on some level. The difference is our perspective on how we deal with it. I want...

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Battle back against the low seasons of life.

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You can't manage stress but here is what you can do!

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