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The Top 7 Cold and Flu Fighters

A stressed out, run down, under nourished immune system is a sure fire way to leave your immune system at risk. With 2018 seeing a rise in Influenza Like Illnesses (ILIs) now is the time to be taking care of your defense system. 

A panic seems to circle the flu each year and as stated above most of the rise in cases are flu-like cases, not just the flu. Symptoms include fever, sore muscles, nausea, weakness, cough, diarrhea, vomiting and a running nose. This points to a big need for a more proactive approach on giving the body what it needs to thrive. 

The flu, a viral driven respiratory illness, can be a fatal condition if not properly addressed, especially if there are underlying immune complications. 1  Traditional approaches are medications to treat the condition (Tamiflu, etc) and vaccination. 

Effectiveness studies for this years vaccine show a 10-17% effectiveness rate against the flu virus strain that has caused 80%+ of flu cases....

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Immune Boosting Green Juice

Immune Booting Green Juice

4-6 celery stalks

1 cucumber

1 green apple

2 cups spinach and/or kale

1 head of romaine lettuce

1 lemon

1 lime (optional)

1 small knob ginger (optional)


Juice all ingredients in a juicer.  Stir and serve over ice if desired!

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