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7 All-Natural Solutions for High Blood Pressure


I love talking anything heart-related, it’s relevant and people need to hear it.


Currently, in America, there are 103 million people dealing with high blood pressure. This number represents nearly half of the adults in the U.S.  Sadly, it's spilling over to our children as well, the CDC reported that 1 in 29 children have high blood pressure or hypertension. Hypertension-related deaths have increased 38% over the last decade.1

This topic matters.

How you approach it matters.

There’s a reason that your blood pressure is driven up. Your body needs higher blood pressure. It needs more blood flow to certain areas of your body. There are many factors and reasons why it goes up. If you can get to the cause, you can identify and overcome the issue of hypertension and the damage it may cause long-term.

Do I Actually Have a Problem?

First, let's understand do you actually have a problem.  We're very quick to put someone on a medication. Drug companies...

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