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8 Candida Symptoms & 9 Natural Candidiasis Solutions

Candida: Do you have it? How can you get rid of it?

Thousands of people are hospitalized and diagnosed in hospitals on a yearly basis for candida or candidiasis. Potentially millions, if not tens of millions of people that have candida overgrowth regularly occurring in their bodies, causing numerous health problems.

Candida itself is not necessarily the issue. There are two forms of candida and one is helpful for you:

  • The Yeast Form is fine. You need it in your gut to manage and balance out the digestion of your food.
  • The Fungal Form is a form that you want to identify and get rid of.  Think mold and mildew on a rotting floorboard or a wall. That’s what happens in your gut, and it causes problems in your digestive tract.

There are 150 species of yeast and, as I’ve said, most aren't a problem. We need them. The problem with yeast is when you get too much, it becomes a bad issue. Candida albicans is one of the most harmful types. The primary...

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Skin Rash


What lies beneath is more important than what is seen on the surface...learn more. 

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There are many causes, but here are the major culprits. 

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