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Four Steps to Take After Whiplash or a Car Accident Over 5 MPH


Whiplash refers to an injury suffered when the head and neck snap forward and backward suddenly, usually through a rear end collision. Research reveals that crashes with a car going as slow as 5- 10 miles per hour still generate whiplash. More than three million new cases of whiplash occur each year and often occur in the most minor of car accidents. Whiplash injuries occur during sports, work, or any other activity that may violently snap the head and neck one direction then another.

Whiplash injuries not only increase the chances of chronic neck and shoulder pain but also increase the probability of other unrelated health problems. People struggling with chronic pain from whiplash injuries also have abnormal psychological profiles according to standardized assessment tests. The only way to resolve abnormal psychological profiles caused by chronic pain and headaches is to address the underlying cause. 1

Whiplash Solutions

A whiplash injury directly impacts the structure...

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Neck Pain


Get to the cause of this common warning sign.  

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